Washing Instruction Collar Stiffeners


Collar Stiffeners with washing instructions that can be personalised with the option for a message on the reverse. The washtub number can be personalised to an age or left blank and the Dry Cleaning symbol can be personalised with up to two initials. There is also the option to have your message in a type font on the reverse.

The five symbols include the washtub, dry cleaning, bleach, tumble dry and ironing temperature. The washtub can be personalised with an age and the dry cleaning symbol with two initials.

There is an option for personalising further with a short message on the reverse for an additional cost, which can be in your chosen type font.

A wonderful last minute gift as we can commission and dispatch within 2 working days.

These collar stiffeners are Rhodium plated, measure 60mm x 10mm.

Please choose the 'Handle' word that you would like to use, such as love, care, kisses etc or if you have other words that you prefer on the other collar stiffener, then please let us know. Please note that the message will be engraved exactly as you have written including capital and lowercase letters.

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