We are able to engrave your drawings and have various size charms on which to have your drawing forever. The simplest line drawings are the best and preferably in black and white up to A4 in size. Coloured masterpieces do not transfer to the silver as the finished product is monochrome.

Transferring your messages or signatures onto charms is very popular, particularly the first time your child writes their name, but even a 'his' and 'hers' creates a memory to last a lifetime. We have various charms on bracelets and necklaces, cufflinks, collar stiffeners and key rings.



Also offered, if handwriting is not right for you, are various type fonts seen below. Often people do not like their own handwriting but want to personalise a gift, so the type fonts allow you to do this with ease. You just choose the type font from the drop down menus assigned to each product where applicable. We are also able to offer a choice of childrens style fonts according to an approximate age range of up to age 6, age 6 - 12 and age 12 upwards. If these are preferable to you rather than supplying your own handwriting, just choose them from the drop down menu.


Type Fonts Offered


Corporate Logos

Simple Corporate logos can be engraved onto some charms and cufflinks or on the collar stiffeners and be personalised further by adding the recipients name. Please call us to make an enquiry.