Credit Card Print Keepsake


A stainless steel wallet keepsake card with either generic prints or personalised with your children's own hand.and footprints.

If you choose to have our generic prints then simply provide us with your child's name, date of birth, weight at birth and time of birth or a short message. You may have any combination of a hand and foot, two hands and two feet.

Alternatively, for an additional £25 your children's or your own prints can used. On placement of an order, a pack of materials for taking the prints will be sent, or if you wish, existing prints can be used. Again you may have any combination of a hand and foot, two hands and two feet and they can be from one child or two children. In the case of different children you may want to have the their corresponding name and birth information of each child.

Please note that if the information required is for two children, the engraving will be smaller in order to accommodate the details.

There is also the option for engraving a message on the reverse.

The keepsake card measures 83mm x 53mm and 1mm in depth.

The keepsake card is stainless steel and will need polishing with a soft cloth occasionally. The stainless steel card is a highly polished mirror shine finish and arrives in a black velveteen pouch.

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