Personalised engraved silver jewellery including charms, bracelets and necklaces

We always 'capture the moment' with our photographs...Why not capture the moment on personalised engraved charms and keep the memory for ever!

Capture & Keep was born out of our love for personalised silver jewellery and being able to ‘capture the moments and keep the memories’. We have our children and love the first time they reach a milestone like sitting, crawling, walking, saying Mummy, writing their first Roald Dahl and drawing their first Picasso, well now this can be captured forever in engraved silver jewellery and when they grow up, you have a lasting memento of how young they once were.

Our personalised silver jewellery can be engraved with your own words and drawings should you wish, however if this is not your preferred choice we offer a variety of type fonts to suit many ages and styles.

Our jewellery includes a range to celebrate births, marriages, milestone events and occasions such as Christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Fathers Day. The personalised engraved jewellery is also perfect as a gift to say thank you.

Many of us now have milestone events and personal achievements, which often get forgotten with time, so we have created personalised engraved jewellery to remember these in years to come. Some ideas we have are Graduation, running a marathon, climbing Everest, sailing the high seas and entering a Race For Life. You will have your own individual achievement so just let us know and we can enter the details and provide the personalised silver jewellery and charms accordingly. We all reach those milestone birthdays so even these can be commemorated with engraved silver jewellery whether we want to or not!

We have many personalised engraved charms and pieces of jewellery that allow you to capture and keep the memory of your children from when they were young, achieving their Graduation, that wonderful wedding and that unforgettable holiday. Any memory can be personalised and engraved specifically to you. We have a range for both men and women, young and old, events and achievements.

Capture the moments ...  Keep the memory!

Personalised engraved jewellery - a lasting impression of the shining lights in your life.